•Date of Fishing Report: 7/6/23
•Best Bait: Shrimp, Nightcrawlers, Mackerel
•Dates Covered in This Fishing Report: 6/20/23 – 7/6/23
•Weather Conditions: Hot Days (approx. 89-101˚) and warm nights (approx. 63-70˚). We’ve had many clear cool days, along with some windy days.
•Water Temperature: 78˚, Water Level: 100% normal, Clarity: Cloudy
•Last Stock: Catfish (1,525 LBS): Friday, 6/30/23
•Next Stock: Catfish (1,000 LBS): Friday, 7/7/23
•Hatchery: Pacific Aquafarms, Niland, CA (Catfish & Tilapia)
•Average Size: Most 2 – 3 pounds.  Several caught were in the 6-8 LB range.
•Top Spots of the Week: North Shore, Finger, Sandy Point


🔥🎣Christian Dominguez, from San Bernardino, landed this big 9.4LB catfish using garlic shrimp on Sandy Point.

🔥🎣Cedric Williams, from San Diego, caught this beautiful 8.6LB catfish using shrimp at the North Shore.

🔥🎣Barry Thomas reeled in this nice 8LB catfish using mackerel at the North Shore.

🔥🎣Joseph caught his first fish ever, using a nightcrawler to catch this carp at the Inlet.

🔥🎣Robert Orona caught this 7.4LB catfish using shrimp at Sandy Point.

🔥🎣Andrew landed his first fish ever, reeling in this 5.4LB catfish using shrimp at the Grassy Bank. Nice going, Andrew!

🔥🎣Eduardo Salazar, from San Bernardino, pulled in a 7.02LB catfish using shrimp over at the Finger.

🔥🎣Jolene landed her first fish ever, using some nightcrawlers to catch these catfish over at the Drain.

🔥🎣Zachery Melcone pulled in a solid 6.9LB catfish using chicken with hog-wild blood at the North Shore.

🔥🎣Rebecca Gonzalez reeled in a 6.4LB catfish using shrimp on the North Shore.

🔥🎣David Herrera, from Los Angeles, caught himself this catfish using shrimp at the North Shore.

🔥🎣Matthew reeled in this 2.1LB catfish using shrimp at the North Shore. Way to go, Matthew!

🔥🎣Darey landed a 6.5LB catfish also using shrimp over at the North Shore.