•Date of Fishing Report: 6/20/23
•Best Bait: Mackerel, Shrimp, Nightcrawlers
•Dates Covered in This Fishing Report: 6/13/23 – 6/20/23
•Weather Conditions: Warm days (approx. 82-87˚) and nice nights (approx. 54-63˚). We’ve had many clear cool days, along with some windy days.
•Water Temperature: 73˚, Water Level: 100% normal, Clarity: Cloudy
•Last Stock: Catfish (1,500 LBS): Friday, 6/16/23
•Next Stock: Catfish (1,000 LBS): Friday, 6/23/23
•Hatchery: Pacific Aquafarms, Niland, CA (Catfish & Tilapia)
•Average Size: Most 2 – 3 pounds. Several caught were in the 5-7LB range.
•Top Spots of the Week: North Shore, Finger, Sandy Point


🔥Douglas Davis, from San Bernardino, limited out on catfish using mackerel at the North Shore. Nice day of fishing, Mr. Davis!

🔥Dahon Symonette, from Big Bear, caught this nice 9.5LB catfish using shrimp.

🔥Vincent Arroyo, from Hesperia, caught this 8.4LB catfish at the Inlet.

🔥Steve Davalos and his son landed this huge 10.8LB catfish using garlic shrimp at the North Shore.

🔥Chanpen Blackyard’s daughter reeled in these catfish using shrimp over at the Drain. Way to go!

🔥Traye White, from Hesperia, reeled in a pair of catfish with them coming in at 8.8LB and 7.5LB over at the North Shore.

🔥Erick and his granddaughter had a wonderful day at the lake pulling in these catfish using a combination of different baits over on North Shore.

🔥Alan Taylor is back to the report this week, landing a 7.8LB catfish at the North Shore.

🔥Juan Ramirez had a great day on the lake! He landed 3 catfish all weighing in at over 7LB with the biggest coming in at 8.4LB using the M&M Combo over on North Shore.

🔥Brian Frandson, from Hesperia, is back yet again this time with a pair of Catfish with the biggest coming in at 7.1LB using Shrimp over at the Finger.