Easter weekend brought stormy weather to the City of Hesperia. High winds and rain swept across the high desert, dropping snow in some parts of Adelanto and Phelan. The storm came through leaving behind debris, massive puddles and even exposing pipelines at Lime Street Park. Park Ranger Montes, came across these exposed pipelines at the park, and promptly reported the issue. Once reported, the maintenance crew was dispatched to assess and repair the issue.  Turns out the rain had unearthed a drinking water supply line to the water fountains for the park. The matter was handled swiftly and within 90 minutes of being reported to the Acting General Manager.

Meanwhile, Hesperia Lake Park was reported to be flooded in the parking lot and driveway areas. A “Family Gathering” was to take place at the John Swisher Community Center, in just about 30 minutes from the time it had been reported. Acting General Manager Calvin Louie, instructed Park Rangers Zepeda and Montes to secure the flooded area and redirect attendees thru the flooded area safely. Guests of the event, were able to enjoy the event without incident or detriment to their vehicles. The Hesperia Recreation and Park District’s goals are to provide quality recreational activities at safe facilities. The district wide goal is best accomplished though TEAMWORK! Thank you to the Park Rangers and Maintenance staff who go above and beyond to keep our parks safe for all to enjoy.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford