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Harrison Exhibit Center

Inside Harrison Exhibit Center

16367 Main Street

(760) 244-5488


The Harrison Exhibit Center is staffed by volunteers Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  It currently houses the John Swisher, McGinnis, Otwell, and Old Town collections.  The history of Hesperia all the way back to the stone age is on display.  View the history of Native Americans, the railroad, early settlers, and civic groups.  
The first Saturday of each month, HARD Foundation Director, Gary "Griz" Drylie, is on hand by appointment.  Griz is a local historian who is fond of talking with classes and people in general.

Come on by and see the history of Hesperia and the Victor Valley!


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Griz had the honor of doing a Zoom Presentation for the High Desert Writers Guild on how he came to write the Images of America - Hesperia book. He covered his background, and the different things that came about to prepare him for a book that he had no idea he would write.



Enjoy a look at the history of Hesperia with Uncovered in the Archives - Episode 9: Headin' to Hesperia.



H.A.R.D. Foundation Member Gary "Griz" Dylie presenting Hesperia History to Excelsior Charter School...