Learners of all ages are invited to attend this weekly class. Whether you are a seasoned student or a new learner, this class offers a little bit of everything to get you fit while having fun. Mixed Martial Arts offers practical self defense lessons in Chinese Kickboxing, Lucaylucay, and Kali/JKD.

We offer Practical Self Defense lessons in Chinese Kickboxing, and Lucaylucay Kali / JKD. This class teaches the fundamentals of Martial Arts which provides a Discipline for students to get familiar with their own individual strengths and weaknesses. By better understanding themselves through Martial Arts, students are encouraged to cultivate their potential and overcome limitations. Everyone can honestly express themselves as they face their own obstacles in life and flow confidently toward their own personal growth and achievements. Our classes also include warm-up aerobic exercises, stretching, and body conditioning.

Age: 9 and up
Time: 5:30 to 7:30 pm
Day(s): Tuesdays and Thursdays
Location: Epicentre, 17508 Hercules Street
Fee: $50/month
Instructor(s): Will Maxton and John Hall

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