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Youth Sports Partners

What is the Relationship Between Youth Sports Partners and Hesperia Recreation and Park District?

Youth Sports Partners (YSPs) recognized by the Hesperia Recreation and Park District offer both mainstream and alternative sports activities to the community and may include some adult sport component.  They are independent groups that are neither an agent for nor under the direction of the District, and operate either under their own local, regional, or national Board of Directors or as an independent contractor to the District.  These organizations work with the District in obtaining the use of facilities for activities the District would otherwise offer.  Each YSP has a written agreement with the District. 

In summary, YSPs are required to:

  • Submit a written facility request each year
  • Provide finalized team rosters and practice and game schedules to the District
  • Perform safety inspection of fields/facilities before each use
  • Provide general liability insurance
  • Submit verification of fingerprinting and background checks for all volunteers and staff
  • Comply with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requirements
  • Submit verification of nonprofit status (if applicable)
  • Perform annual District approved work projects in lieu of payment for field/facility use
  • Abide by District policies, procedures, code of conduct, and rules
  • Assign one contact to represent the YSP in all matters related to their activities.
  • Maintain a minimum District residency requirement of 75% of participants

Parents, coaches, and volunteers with questions, comments, or concerns regarding YSPs should contact their YSP Board President/Commissioner or representative.

The following YSPs are recognized by the District.

  • Hesperia American Little League (HALL)                                                      
  • Hesperia National Little League (HNLL)                                      
  • Hesperia Youth Football League (Trojans)                                                              
  • Hesperia Youth Soccer League (HYSL)
  • Hesperia AYSO                                                                                                                
  • Hesperia BMX                                                                                              
  • Hesperia Wranglers                                                                  


Hesperia Trojans Jr. Pee Wee 2018 team after winning the D1AA 2018 Southern California Junior All-American Conference Championship
After finishing their season with an 8-1 record (including Playoffs), the Hesperia Trojans Jr Pee Wee team won the D1AA 2018 Southern California Junior All-American Conference Championship! We’d like to congratulate Head Coach Miguel Iglesias, his staff and boys on a remarkable season!