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Water Bottle Holder Decorating Contest 2020

May contain: human and person


Yaretzi, 10:

May contain: food, dessert, cake, and birthday cake


Lorelai, 10: 

May contain: wood, plywood, person, human, hardwood, and shelf


 Emma, 7:

May contain: bottle


 Elijah, 17:

May contain: bottle



May contain: apparel and clothing
May contain: plant


Winner(s) will receive a T-shirt or Hat from our co-sponsor High Desert Auto and RV, and be featured on our website and social media. 

May contain: text


Coming up... we're planning a Backyard Camping Trip together, where we can take our water bottles on an outdoor adventure, in the backyard.  Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram, and Website for the details!