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Veterans Day 2020

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Veterans Day 2020 Flyer

Is there a veteran in your life that you would like to recognize in honor of Veterans Day?

Here are several ways in which the Hesperia Recreation and Park District is promoting the recognition of veterans in the community.

Gratitude Flag

Honor your veteran with a Gratitude Flag for a lasting memory.

The Hesperia Recreation and Park District (HRPD) is offering Gratitude Flags to the community in remembrance of veterans’ service and sacrifice.  Residents are invited to honor veterans with a 6” x 8” American flag in laminated cardstock.  The back of the flag will be personalized with a sentiment, the veteran’s name, and branch of service.  The Gratitude Flags will hang from tree limbs on trees surrounding the Veterans Memorial at Hesperia Lake Park.

In a show of support for veterans, the community is encouraged to participate.  There is no cost for the flags, as they are provided at the courtesy of the Hesperia Recreation and Park District.  So, show your gratitude and honor that veteran who served and sacrificed – all it takes is a minute of your time and an e-mail to HRPD.

•  Send an e-mail to

•  In your e-mail make a request for a Gratitude Flag.  Include the veteran’s name and branch of service.  (Please make sure that you have provided the correct information about the veteran.)

•  Also include your name and contact phone number.

•  Upon receipt of your e-mail, the District will create the personalized flag.

•  Gratitude Flags will be hung on tree limbs for viewing on Veterans Day at the Veterans Memorial.

•  The flags will be removed on Thursday, November 12th and retained at the Lake Store for pick up by interested community members.

Adopt a Veteran

What better way to recognize a veteran than to adopt one!  Connect with local veterans in need and invest some time to be of service to them.  Whether it’s providing toiletry kits, blankets, clothing, food, transportation, books, etc., it all goes a long way in helping out vets.  The “Adopt a Veteran” project will be coordinated with local veteran organizations.  If you are interested in adopting a veteran in honor of Veterans Day, please contact the Hesperia Recreation and Park District via e-mail at or at 760-244-5488, ext. 119.

Veteran Recognition Video

In honor of veterans, watch a Veteran Recognition Video at Hesperia Lake Park on Veterans Day.  (Exact location in the park to be announced.)  After strolling through the Veterans Memorial and taking time to reflect and contemplate on the service to and sacrifice for our nation by veteran military, there will be opportunity to view a video featuring community members recognizing and thanking veterans personally.  Throughout the month of November, the Veteran Recognition Video will remain a feature on the HRPD website,, for continued viewing in celebration of our veterans.


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