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Special Interest

Basic Dog Obedience

Pug with tongue hanging out

Our trainer has several years of experience training dogs in basic and advanced skills, pet therapy and service dog training commands. Training topics include basic commands of sit, stay, off, down, heel, and come when called. Discuss problems like barking, digging, jumping and puppy nipping.

This is a FUN, basic obedience class. This is not a rehabilitation class for aggressive dogs. Dog must not have ever bit another dog or person to participate in the class. Owners must be able to keep the dog in their control at all times.

**Dogs must be current on vaccines.  Please bring a copy of shot records to the first class.**

Children must be accompanied by a parent and bring two leashes.

Dog Owners Age:  14 & up
Time:  1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Day:  Saturday 
Length: Monthly
Location:  Lime Street Park Dog Park, 16292 Lime Street
Fee:  $50 per month
Instructor:  Rhonda McCloud
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Minimum enrollment (two) must be met or classes are subject to cancelation. 




Ukulele Lessons

Classes start in July!

Person playing ukulele. View of person playing up close.

The Ukulele is for players from beginning level to advanced.  Students need only to provide their own Tenor Ukulele with a low G string and a music stand.  Concert ukuleles are acceptable as well.  The instructor provides the Kanikapila songbook developed by Craig Willhite, Level 3 James Hill Ukulele Instructor.  The ukulele is a very versatile instrument.  All styles of music will be covered from Hawaiian, Classical, Country, 60’s Rock 'n Roll to Folk music.  We only have one rule in our ukulele class: have fun and play music!

Age:  12 years and up
Time:  6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Day:  Thursdays
Length:  Monthly
Location:  Lime Street Park Community Center, Mojave Room 3
Fee:  $40 per month
Instructor:  Lennard Craig Willhite
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Acting/Improvisation Class

NEW! Registration now Open!

May contain: person, human, and people

This class is Dark in September, and will return in October.  

In this introductory four-week class, a total of eight classes where safety is paramount, students will learn to communicate directly to the audience only through their senses and the physical language of the stage- creating reality out of nothing.

In our non-judgmental environment, students will have fun with theatrical warm-ups and gain experience sharing on the stage in groups, as well as independently. As students become more familiar with the games, the process of releasing their inhibitions, and "sharing" with the audience, fun and creative expression will develop naturally.

("Sharing" is an informal, theoretical term the instructor will use when directing student performers to speak louder or to be more visible on stage for the benefit of the audience.)

It is important to note that there is no competition in Improvisation- there is only growth. Thus, the instructor primarily serves to promote individual growth in the process during group activities. 

It is also important to note that there will be no scripts for students to take home for memorization. The only homework might be that students begin to observe natural interactions in public, hearing the sounds in the air, or perhaps, feeling the wind against their skin, in order for them to get a wider view of their personal world. Students will use these sensibilities to help them solve problems in their groups while being careful to "share" with the audience. This may prove useful in facilitating or quickening their development as actors. 

By the time the workshop is complete, students will realize that "All the world's a stage."- William Shakespeare.

Age: 11 to 15 years
Time: 4:00 -5:00 p.m.
Day: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Length: 4 weeks, 8 classes
Location: Power Play Center, 10770 "I" Avenue
Fee: $50 per month
Instructor: Dr. Chapelle Griffin

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