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Recreation Service Partners

What is a “Recreation Service Partner”?

The Hesperia Recreation and Park District has partnered with local businesses that provide recreational and/or leisure-time pursuits to our community and have agreed to meet certain District requirements including fingerprinting and providing a safe, clean, and suitable facility.  This opens up opportunities for all of our residents to connect with the services they want while resting assured that the service providers are vetted by a trusted organization.

But what’s in it for the business owners?  Through an agreement with the District, our Recreation Service Partners are promoted on our website,, which gets 15,000 to 20,000 visits per month on average.  Their classes are promoted on our Facebook pages, (we have over 6,500 followers on the District page alone!)  RSP’s will also gain exposure through our informational email system, RecMail, reaching thousands with each “send.”   It’s a win-win.

We are looking for more RSP’s to create additional recreation opportunities for our community.  Does your business provide education, entertainment, leisure-time activities, creative projects, outdoor recreation, or FUN?  We want to connect with you!  Submit an email outlining the services your company provides and your contact information to with the phrase “Recreation Service Partner” in the subject line.  Fill up your classes or activities by gaining a larger marketing reach, and help us provide our community with the information they’re already searching for - here in Hesperia.  We look forward to working with you!