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QR Fit Trail



Located at Hesperia Civic Plaza Park:  15833 Smoke Tree Street, Hesperia

What is a QR Fit Trail? Signs with QR Codes that take you to workout instruction videos on your smartphone are posted throughout the park. The QR Fit Trail combines fitness and technology to provide communities with a way to exercise while spending time outside. Just scan the code for a convenient and fun workout in the park!
It's as easy as “Scan It”, “View It,” and “Do It.”

Get fit in the park! QR Fitness Trail poster. Woman running in sunset
Flyer stating: Getting fit is as simple as using your smartphone. Use your QR reader to stay fit! Visit each station in the park and choose a new workout routine that you can follow right on your smartphone. Complete the full circuit by finishing every station! To find out more about Healthy Hesperia, visit or call (760) 947-1589.

Sample QR Fit Trail Video:

Scannable QR codes on pole at Hesperia Civic Plaza Park