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Mojave River Junction

Park Rules
Horse trailers hitched to trucks

The Mojave River Junction equestrian facility is just 6 scenic miles along the Mojave River from the Hesperia Lake Park equestrian facilities, and riders can continue along the trail another 5 miles north to the Mojave Narrows County Regional Park.  It provides a place to take a break on a trail ride, the starting point of a ride, or somewhere to hold an activity in its entirety.  Along with 12 corrals, a hitching rail, and picnic tables, it offers a 2,000 square foot indoor space to get out of the elements, hold meetings or dances, enjoy meals, and more.

Please contact the District at 760-244-5488 or walk in to the Lime Street Park District Office, 16292 Lime Street, if you are interested in utilizing this facility.

Mojave River Junction is also home to a Hesperia Historical Site called the “John Brown Road at the Mojave Trail Crossing” dated 1870.  Click Here to read more about Hesperia's Historical Sites. 

Mojave River Junction horse corrals
Full view of horse corrals
John Brown Road at Mojave Trail 1870 and Prehistoric, Historic Site Pillar stating; In 1848, a detour branched off the ancient Mojave Trail (parallels Choiceana Ave) going west to Cajon's old summit. In 1870, road maker John Brown enlarged the detour which with time became a major thoroughfare. Padre Graces, Jed Smith, Kit Carson, and the Mormon Battalion (with first known vehicle to have crossed the desert) passed this location. Susan Davis, wife of Battalion officer Daniel Davis, was part of this group. She was the first woman to have crossed this trail.