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Mojave River Junction

Park Rules
May contain: transportation, vehicle, and van

The Mojave River Junction equestrian facility is just 6 scenic miles along the Mojave River from the Hesperia Lake Park equestrian facilities, and riders can continue along the trail another 5 miles north to the Mojave Narrows County Regional Park.  It provides a place to take a break on a trail ride, the starting point of a ride, or somewhere to hold an activity in its entirety.  Along with 12 corrals, a hitching rail, and picnic tables, it offers a 2,000 square foot indoor space to get out of the elements, hold meetings or dances, enjoy meals, and more.

Please contact the District at 760-244-5488 or walk in to the Lime Street Park District Office, 16292 Lime Street, if you are interested in utilizing this facility.

Mojave River Junction is also home to a Hesperia Historical Site called the “John Brown Road at the Mojave Trail Crossing” dated 1870.  Click Here to read more about Hesperia's Historical Sites. 

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