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Hesperia Historical Sites

Hesperia Historical Site flagstone sign in front  of firs ever Hesperia school

Within the boundaries of Hesperia Recreation and Park District, fifteen (15) historical sites have been placed to help preserve Hesperia’s heritage. Each marker is carved from granite and engraved with a brief historical description from that site. The sites are named and marked in the brochure below. Once all the sites have been visited, a patch is available at the Harrison Exhibit Center, 16367 Main Street. For more information, contact the District Office.

Hesperia Historical Sites Brochure

Hesperia Historical Sites Monument Language


HARD Foundation Director, Griz Drylie at the Water Source Monument, Historical Marker 6.


Click Here for exact locations, including latitude and longitude, and more information: 

Hesperia Rec and Park District Historic Monument location and additional information.pdfHesperia Rec and Park District Points of Interest.pdf