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FUN at Home!

We miss you already!  With all the program cancellations and facility closures, along with the "shelter at home" order statewide, we here at the Hesperia Recreation and Park District want to make sure you still have access to plenty of things to do to keep your mind and body active and having FUN!

Check-in for updates; we will add to this list as we find more to do.  If you come across anything you'd like to add, send it to us at (redacted)!

Scroll down for Community Resources we've found so far, and please share with us if you know of any we've missed. 

May contain: wildlife, animal, mammal, and otter
Where do otters come from?
Otter Space!



Chalk Your Walk!

Join our Facebook event and virtual Easter Egg Hunt now through April 12th!  Chalk Your Walk with Easter Eggs, take a photo, and send it to us.  We’ll hide your photos somewhere throughout our website, 

THEN:  Post photos of a positive message for our community to enjoy. Go out and Chalk Your Walk with a positive saying/picture “Thanking” all the frontline workers for their continued hard work that ensures we are able to receive essential needs.

Post your artwork to the Facebook event, use any of the hashtags below OR email your submission to (redacted).*

Photos submitted have a chance to be featured in Hesperia Recreation and Park District’s next Programs and Activities Guide!


·         Only Hesperia Resident photos will be considered for the District’s Activity Guide.
·         Artwork must be Family Friendly.
         •  Consider your neighbors and others who will see your chalked walks.
         •  The goal is to spread inspiration, joy and thankfulness.
·         Include your first name(s) and age(s) with your submission.
·         To follow the orders of the state and keeping with social distancing, please only chalk YOUR walk with members in your household.
·         Have Fun!

Play is important to our mental and emotional health and we encourage people of All Ages to join in Chalk Your Walk!


*Photos are not guaranteed to be used.  No compensation will be given.  Photos submitted will become property of HRPD and used at our discretion.  By submitting your photo(s), you are agreeing to the District’s photo release form.



Visit Aquariums, Zoos, and Parks ... virtually



May contain: tiger, wildlife, mammal, and animal


May contain: nature, outdoors, mountain, mountain range, slope, peak, and cliff


Live Storytime, Concerts & More

Please be patient with the hosts of these streams as the technology is new to many of them. 


  • Kids' cooking lessons with $5 Dinners:  You can find the menu for the week, shopping lists, and previous videos on the $5 Dinners website. This is the $5 Dinners Facebook page, where you should be able to watch the Facebook Live videos weekdays at 10:00 PST.
May contain: person, human, and plant
(That's 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time)




(This list will be updated and added to regularly.  Keep checking back!)

May contain: rug and crayon




Local Food Banks:  Click Here to View


Hesperia Unified School District:

May contain: advertisement, poster, paper, brochure, and flyer

Meal Service - Click Here

Monday through Friday at Cedar Middle School, Hesperia High School, and Sultana High School from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Students must be present in the vehicle. 

Parent/Guardian Info - Click Here

Supplemental Learning - Click Here



Barstow Meals on Wheels Senior Nutrition:

Monday through Friday, 11:10 a.m.
Percy Bakker Community Center, 9333 'E' Avenue, Hesperia


Grocery Store Special Hours:

May contain: fruit, plant, citrus fruit, food, grapefruit, and produce

Vallarta Supermarkets
65+, pregnant women, those with disabilities
7:00 - 8:00 a.m.

Stater Bros. Markets
65+ and those with disabilities
7:45 - 8:00 a.m.

Dollar General
8:00 - 9:00 a.m

Walmart Superstore
From March 24 - April 28
6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., including Pharmacy and Vision Center

65+ and those with underlying health issues
6:00 - 7:00 a.m.

65+, Those with disabilities, and First Responders
7:00 - 8:00 a.m. 

Smart & Final
65+ and those with disabilities
7:30 - 8:00 a.m.