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Facility Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        Can I reserve a facility or pay over the phone?

A:         No. All reservations and payments must be made at the Hesperia Recreation and Park District office located at: 16292 Lime Street, Hesperia.


Q:        When are deposits and fees due?

A:         Deposits are due at the time of your Rental Application submission. All other fees are due no later than 30 days prior to your event. Upon submission of your application, District personnel will provide you with detailed information on deposits and fees along with due dates.


Q:        Are my rental fees deducted from my deposit?

A:         No. Deposits and rental fees are separate.


Q:        Can I make changes to my event?

A:         Yes. To avoid a $50.00 change fee, all changes to the original application will have to be made 30 or more days prior to your event. Any changes made within 30 days of your event will incur a $50.00 change fee as well as any other changes that require fees.


Q:        Do we set up our own tables and chairs?

A:         Lime Street Park Community Center, Rick Novack Community Center and John Swisher Community Center all require your own set-up. Our staff will take down the tables and chairs. You will need to clean up your trash and personal property within one hour after your event.

Percy Bakker North and South Room rentals provide set-up and takedown for your event. Room floorplan sheets are available to provide our staff directions on how you would like your event layout to be organized.


Q:        Do you provide linens or table settings?

A:         No. We only supply the tables and chairs for your event. You will need to provide all your linens, tableware and decorations.


Q:        Do you provide catering?

A:         No. You will need to provide your own caterer or you may bring in your own food.


Q:        Can I bring in my own alcohol for my event?

A:         If you pay the rental fee to have alcohol at your event, you may bring in beer and wine at the following locations: Lime Street Park Community Center, Rick Novack Community Center and John Swisher Community Center. No hard alcohol is allowed at these facilities.

            The Percy Bakker Community Center offers bar service, therefore, you may not bring in your own alcohol to these facilities.


Q:        Are there kitchen amenities at the facilities?

A:         Lime Street Park Community Center, Rick Novack Community Center, or John Swisher Community Center facilities do not offer any kitchen amenities.

Please review the Percy Bakker Community Center information for some kitchen amenities offered at that location.


Q:        Can I have a DJ or a band?

A:         Yes. However, it will increase your deposit and hourly fees as this is considered amplified music. Please read the waiver for Music and Alcohol for the definition of Amplified Music.


Q:        Do I need to hire security?

A:         Rangers on call with periodic visits are included for events that have music and/or alcohol.


Q:        How do I get my deposit refund?

A:         If you leave the facility in the same condition you received it (no damages and all rules and regulations were followed), you will receive your entire deposit refund in the form of a check 2-4 weeks following your event.


Q:        What if I need to cancel my event?

A:         All facility rental cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the event will be subject to a penalty charge equal to 10% of the total of the deposit and fees. Any cancellation less than 30 days will not be considered.